Juiced RipCurrent S Pre-Pre Order $20.00 Refundable "Expression of Interest"

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Warranty Information

Comes with standard Juiced 1-2 year warranty against manufacturing defects. Lifetime warranty on the frame to the original customer.
Covers frame and components / battery/electrical. Battery is warrantied to have at least 70% of original capacity after 1 year. Tires, tubes and brake pads/rotors are excluded. In the event that there is a warranty claim and we determined that the frame, a part, or the battery is faulty or failed due to defective workmanship by us, we will fully replace such at no charge, however, replacement labor and shipping cost is not covered by this warranty. Normal wear and damage is not covered by this warranty.

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Product Description

Note that this purchase is an expression of interest only.  By making this refundable deposit you will be added to our mailing list as someone seriously interested in purchasing a Juiced RipCurrent.  
  • Once we have at least 60 of these $20.00 deposits we will contact everyone on the list and ask for an additional refundable commitment of $230.00 to place the order with Juiced. 
  • When we have at least 60 $250.00 pre-orders we will place an order with juiced. The $250.00 will be deducted off your final invoice for the bike. 
  • Your $20.00 deposit is refundable at any time, just contact us and we will refund the money and take you off the mailing list. 
  • The lead time once an order is placed with the factory is 3.5 to 4 months.
  • We will place an order for spring 2019 even if we have not received 60 pre-orders by that time.

 Pricing is dependant on the US dollar exchange rate when our order is placed.  Current pricing would be as follows:


RipCurrent S with 13 ah 48V battery              $2,329.00 CAD

RipCurrent S with 19 ah 48V battery              $2,728.00 CAD

RipCurrent S with 21 ah 52V battery              $3,999.00 CAD Comes with Satiator Charger and GPS tracking

Add Satiator charger to prolong battery life and quick charge.  Adds $395.00

Replace stock charger with Satiator charger to prolong battery life and quick charge.  Adds $296.00 

Taxes are extra, shipping is free to most Canadian locations.




Powered by a 750 Watt motor, the RipCurrent S is capable of Class 3 (45 km/h) performance with torque-sensing pedal assist included.

We ship the bike limited to 500W and 32 km/h to comply with canadian law.  You can modify these setting in the advanced menu for off road use.

The new 52 Volt battery platform has over 1,000 Watt-Hours and 110 km of real-world range.

For this battery we incorporated the latest charger technology to extend the lifespan to over 1,500 charge cycles.

Arrives fully-loaded with hydraulic disc, air suspension fork, rack, fenders, a 1,050 lumen front headlight and more.

  • Top Speed: Up to 32 kp/h in default configuration - user upgradable to 45 kp/h (Class 3) where allowed
  • Range: 60-175  kilometers
  • Weight: 70Lbs
  • Charge Time: 5 hours


  • 1,050 lumen front headlight
  • Custom designed rack and fenders
  • Ergonomic grips
  • Comfortable gel seat

  • 275 lbs.

  • 750 Watt Bafang Geared Hub Motor (1,040 Watt Peak) Limited in software to 500 W for Canada
  • 52 Volt / 13 Ah - 21 Ah Extended Range
  • LCD Advanced Matrix Display
  • Thumb Throttle Included
  • Torque and Cadence Pedal Sensor

  • 180 mm Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • Adjustable Air Suspension Fork
  • 4” Wide Kenda Tires
  • 9 Speed Shimano Cassette Drivetrain


Our bikes ship complete with everything you’ll need to get up and running, including:
  • Battery Charger
  • Assembly tools
  • Pedals
  • Handle bars shipped installed on bike

Click HERE for more details.

  • 1 Year coverage on electrical components
  • 2 Year coverage on mechanical components
  • Lifetime coverage on frame



FREE SHIPPING throughout most of Canada.


Stay in Control.


Our advanced LCD display not only shows the speed and distance, but can also show Volts, Watts, Wh, Ah and even ECU temperature - among other unique features.

Throttle-Assist Boost (TAB)

Instantly add up to 1,000 Watts (20 Amps) of boost when pedaling and simultaneously holding down the throttle. TAB available in any assist setting from 0 kp/h up to 32 Kp/h.

Cruise Control

Locks in any speed below 32 kp/h. Speed will be maintained without pedaling or using the throttle until: the brake is applied, pushing any button or giving additional throttle input. Pedaling can increase the speed, but the e-bike will return to the pre-set speed if pedaling stops.

Speed Limiter

Set the maximum speed limit of the throttle or pedal assist system

Low Voltage Limiter

Set the lowest voltage allowed by the electric drive system Used to control how deeply the battery is allowed to discharge

Off-Road Mode

Activated by manually setting the speed limit above 32 kp/h The top speed will be limited only by the power available to the motor Use this setting on non-public roads only

Assist Level Limiter

Limit the maximum assist level which can be selected: ECO, 1, 2, 3, or SPORT


Way ahead of the pack.

After the initial thrill of going electric, you will quickly realize that e-bikes are all about the battery. Rather than make a small improvement in range, we focused on making a huge leap in battery capacity with 3 exclusive battery specifications to fit your performance needs.

Extended Range 624 Wh

Our base level 48V battery configuration has 13Ah capacity, enough for 40-65 km range. The higher 78 cell count allows us to increase the capacity while simultaneously reducing the cost.

Super Extended Range 920 Wh

Move up to the next level If you need more range. Select the super extended range pack with over 19 Ah capacity. That's 67% more range than the average e-bike.

Hyper Extended Range 1,092 Wh - 52V + GPS + 8A fast charger

For some, only the best will do. The next generation of e-bike battery packs is now here with a massive 52 Volts. This higher voltage pack adds more speed and more torque than you ever thought possible from the geared hub motor. The RipCurrent S is the first production fat bike to fully take advantage of the new 52V standard.

We also crossed the 1kWh barrier by combining it with 21 Ah capacity. This is 95% more range than the standard e-bike battery. We added real-time GPS tracking and topped it off with a 8A fast charger capable of special programmable charging protocols that allow for over 1,500 recharge cycles to be extracted from your lithium battery.


The perfect mix of Muscle and FAT

The powerful 750 Watt geared hub motor provides the highest street-legal power allowed for e-bikes on the USA market. Combined with our 48V or 52V Volt battery packs, the RipCurrent S has both low end torque and high-end speed.

- 750 W Bafang Geared Hub with Shimano Cassette (limited electronically to 500 W for Canada as delivered)

- 20A controller and 80 NM of hill eating torque

- Automatic Freewheeling clutch for drag-free coasting

- Incredible 1,036 Watt Peak power 20A@ 51.8V



Choose your size


One of the most crucial decisions in buying a new bike is selecting the size that will work for you. The chart below is as easy as it gets.