Expedition Battery 52 Volt 31 AH naked lithium battery 35GA cells 50 amp

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Warranty Information

1 year warranty against manufacturing defects and cell defects. Does not cover abuse by over charging, over discharging, short circuit, water damage, etc.

Expedition Battery

Product Description

Originally over 2000.00! Quality 50 volt 31 amp hour long range naked rectangle battery pack by Expedition Battery.

  • 1550 watt hours by the label, actual capacity over 1500 watt hours.
  • Made to fit most larger triangle frame bikes.
  • includes custom bag with water resistant zipper, velcro straps.
  • Made from genuine A grade Sanyo NCR18650GA cells. This is the king of 18650 cells as of mid 2016.
  • At 6.5 KG this battery packs a lot of range.
  • Uses 126 cells in a 14 series 9 parallel configuration.
  • Includes a 50 amp battery management system built into the pack wrap.
  • Cells are rated for 10 amps maximum continuous discharge, so with a 9 parallel configuration that adds up to 90 amps. (Limited to 50 amps by the BMS.) 
  • We recommend keeping the continuous discharge on this pack to 45 amps or lower for a long life. Use a 45 amp or lower motor controller, or set limits in your Cycle Analyst or controller.
  • Cell cycle Performance: 68% capacity remaining after 400 full cycles to 2.9V/cell expected (6A continuous discharge per cell, 54A for the pack) expected useful life 800 cycles.
  • 45 amp Anderson connectors for discharge, 3 pin XLR for charging.
  • Pack is physically protected by Fiberglass card and foam under the shrink wrap.
  • 12 month repair or replacement warranty covers manufacturing and cell defects.
  • Weight  6.5 Kg.
  • Dimensions 330 mm long 205 mm high 90 mm wide.
  • This pack must be protected from falls, and secured within a frame or box, so that it can not bump around and tug on the leads.  It must also be protected from moisture. Damage caused by careless mounting or water ingress is not covered by the warranty, and could lead to failure of the BMS or cells, which could lead to fire.
  • Ships within Canada only. Packaged and labeled according to Transport Canada hazardous materials regulations.
  • Flat fee hazardous materials ground shipping of 89.00 to most locations in Canada.

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