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Updated March 15th.


*****NEW**** We have initiated a Pre-Pre-Order for the RipCurrent S fat bike.  Please lets us know how many you would be interested in getting.  We will only start the order once we reach 60 pre orders, as there is a very large minimum order requirement. lead time is 4 months after we place the order. Pricing is similar to the CrossCurrent S. 

We will have a sample of this fat bike, which is Juiced Bikes best selling to date, in April.


The CrossCurrent S is already sold out from the container we received in late December.  There are more bikes coming, ETA April.  This looks like a great update to the CrossCurrent, with higher power, larger battery, LCD matrix display, and it comes fitted with fenders, lights, and rear rack. Pricing and unfortunately also margins are down on this bike.  Juiced HQ makes these decisions and we are forced to follow...  A margin of 33% or more is still possible with orders of 6 or more bikes, and models can be mixed.

Ursus Jumbo e-bike double kickstands are in stock. The 1800 Lumen dual LED headlights are in stock (139.00 Retail, Custom wiring required)

Super Extended Range 17.4 Ah, 835 watt hour, are now available for the Cross series bikes.  The 21 ah, 48V has been discontinued, and is sold out.  There are new 19.2 ah batteries coming this spring to replace the 17.4 at the same price, and a 52 Volt 21 Ah battery is in the works, but is not yet available.  It will work with any Juiced bike that has the LCD matrix display.  (The 78 cell batteries do not fit the step through versions of the CrossCurrent and CrossCurrent AIR.  They do fit the step through and regular OceanCurrent)


Retail for the 17.4 ah 48V pack is 1349.00, upgrade from a 12.8 ah on a new bike is 399.00 retail.

Retail for the 21 ah 48V pack is 1899.00, upgrade from a 12.8 ah on a new bike is 919.00 retail.


Current inventory available*:

*SSI indicates stock is stored on Salt Spring for easy access to Vancouver Island dealers.  (Can ship to other locations as well) 

 It is possible for us to swap batteries to meet a special request.


2018 CrossCurrent S from the Dec. 2017 shipment in stock now: SOLD OUT


0 medium black


0 medium red


0 medium brushed


0 medium step through black *0 @ SSI


0 medium step through red *0 @ SSI


0 medium step through brushed


0 large black *3 @ SSI


0 large red


0 large brushed *0 @ SSI


0 XL black


0 XL red


0 XL Brushed


12.8 and 17.4 batteries available



U500 15 ah

2 Gloss green

2 Matte metallic grey  *0 @ SSI

1 Matte Black

0 Gloss red



U500 23 ah SOLD OUT!

0 Matte metallic grey *0 @ SSI

0 Matte black

0 Matte metallic blue *0 @ SSI


U500 32 ah:

3 Matte black

5 Matte metallic grey

1 Gloss Red

0 Matte metallic blue *0 @ SSI


U500 major accessories:

0 Front baskets *0 @ SSI

 1 rear baskets *0 @ SSI

Lots of Ursus Jumbo double kickstands


CrossCrurrent 10.4 ER

6 Medium (17.5") Step-through matte black *1 @ SSI



CrossCrurrent AIR 10.4 ER

1 Large (19") matte black *1 @ SSI 8.8 or 17.4 batteries available



2017 OceanCurrent 10.4 ER

1 Aqua *0 @ SSI


2018 OceanCurrent 500W

 5 Black 12.8 or 17.4 *5 @ SSI

1 Black step-through *1 @ SSI

3 Army Green *3 @ SSI

0 Auqa Step through *0 @ SSI