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Just tried out the bike, 22 km in 38 minutes in my neighbourhood, peaked at 51 kph and averaged 35,4 kph. Absolutely amazing!! Winds at 31/gusts at 41 kph and I still went very fast! Heart rate at 138 BPM so I got plenty of exercise - exhilarating exercise actually, loved the speed sooo much! :) The bike is agile, brakes are nice, the front suspension is much better than expected, which will make me take the plunge for a seat post suspension at MEC ( to get the full squishy experience that the front gives.

I finally own the bike I’ve always wanted: solid, comfy, fast, good looking.

Love it!!!! :)

Simon Rioux, Montreal


 If you ever need someone to talk about their experience replacing a car with an eBike, I'd be happy to share; my experience with the Juiced utility bike has been quite positive and I've enjoyed it much more than I anticipated. :)

Sarah, BC

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