February Update. RipCurrent S


For those wondering about the RipCurrent S, here are some new details!

We will likely be getting a shipment of RCS in July, and we will open up a pre-order as soon as we have the order verified.

The RCS is using a new extrusion made by Juiced for the down tube, and will only come with the larger 78 cell packs.

Here are some pictures from the factory...

The RipCurrent S frames use our specially engineered Downtube Platform 2. We now make every part ourselves. Bigger, Stronger, and more beautiful. This is now the industry's easiest e-bike to service. More details later. 

Fresh new graphics. Modern and minimal.

The 180 mm hydraulic disc brakes are seriously impressive. More details later. 

Every RipCurrent S comes standard with a high quality rack and fenders. 

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January 2018! Best Affordable Electric bike, Why Hub Motors are Awesome.

Electric Bike Review Best Affordable Electric Bikes!Looking forward to a great 2018!  The CrossCurrent pre orders have been shipped, and we are taking new pre orders for spring delivery.  There are a few 2017 bikes left, now on sale at great prices.  There are also a few 2018 CrossCurrent S left from the December order, [...]

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Upgrading the U500

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November 2017 update

It's Tuesday November 21 2017.  Our order of new CrossCurrent S and Ocean Current 500W has loaded into it's container, and is on the way to the port to be loaded for the voyage to Vancouver.Along with the Juiced Bikes there are samples of the Ezee Primero GTS and LTS.  Ezee is a brand that I have a [...]

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Electric Bike Review tests the new CrossCurrent S

If you are interested in the CrossCurrent S, this video review and write up are well worth the time. Reserve your CCS now for November delivery here

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The new CrossCurrent S display

Here is a video by Tora, explaining the features of the new CrossCurrent S display.  We plan on offering upgrades to existing CrossCurrent owners, so that they can get the extra power and the great display of the S

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Hyper Fat update from Tora

We hope to have the Hyper Fat available to Canadian Customers in spring 2018.  Please stay tuned.  Here is an update from Tora on the first production...Sorry for the lack of communication recently regarding HyperFat.It is not for a lack of working, it is for lack of time and not wanting to give inaccurate information [...]

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Hype Bikes update video

Stay tuned for news on Canadian availability of the HyperFat high performance fat bike!

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Special Project: The dual motor Catrike

At Electrafest 2017 Vancouver. Justin from Grin testing the Dual Grin motor Catrike. Looks like there might eventually be a kit for this, possibly with quick release front motors! This trike as an absolute rocket, and very efficient. Dual hub motors are actually more efficient that a single it turns out. [...]

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