Electric Bike Review tests the new CrossCurrent S


If you are interested in the CrossCurrent S, this video review and write up are well worth the time. 

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The new CrossCurrent S display

Here is a video by Tora, explaining the features of the new CrossCurrent S display.  We plan on offering upgrades to existing CrossCurrent owners, so that they can get the extra power and the great display of the S

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Hyper Fat update from Tora

We hope to have the Hyper Fat available to Canadian Customers in spring 2018.  Please stay tuned.  Here is an update from Tora on the first production...Sorry for the lack of communication recently regarding HyperFat.It is not for a lack of working, it is for lack of time and not wanting to give inaccurate information [...]

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Hype Bikes update video

Stay tuned for news on Canadian availability of the HyperFat high performance fat bike!

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Special Project: The dual motor Catrike

At Electrafest 2017 Vancouver. Justin from Grin testing the Dual Grin motor Catrike. Looks like there might eventually be a kit for this, possibly with quick release front motors! This trike as an absolute rocket, and very efficient. Dual hub motors are actually more efficient that a single it turns out. [...]

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Test and details on the new Juiced Super Extended and Hyper Extended range battery packs.

The new 17.4 and 21 ah batteries for the Cross series bikes have arrived! I pulled a 21 ah out for a capacity test. And at 7 amps continuous it gave... 21.07 ah This is a good result, and could very well improve over the next few cycles as the battery breaks [...]

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The new high capacity batteries for the Juiced Cross series bikes are coming!

Here are a couple teaser pics...Assembled packs waiting to be packaged into cases. Custom extruded and CNC machined cases.  Tora has used the much better XLR connector on these packs, instead of the 5.5 mm barrel plug found on the stock cases from Reention.  This pack can discharge at up to 45 amps, and be charged [...]

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Great reviews coming in for Juiced bikes

A couple Testimonials...CrossCurrent:Just tried out the bike, 22 km in 38 minutes in my neighbourhood, peaked at 51 kph and averaged 35,4 kph. Absolutely amazing!! Winds at 31/gusts at 41 kph and I still went very fast! Heart rate at 138 BPM so I got plenty of exercise - exhilarating exercise actually, loved the speed [...]

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New display coming for the Juiced Cross series bikes

New optional advanced displays are coming for the Juiced Cross series bikes. Programmable LCD dot matrix that will show Volts, Amps, Amp hours (yay!), Watts, Watt hours, trip etc.  It will be retrofit-able to any 2016 or 2017 CrossCurrent, CrossCurrent AIR or OceanCurrent.  Stay tuned for more upgrade news...

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