Remaining U500 on sale. $450.00 to $600.00 off!


The classic U500 Cargo/Utility bike is no longer in production. We have a few left at a great sale price.  Owners love these simple, reliable ebikes, they just work, every time, rain or shine!  

The 32 Ah version still has the largest battery by a large margin, including expensive "dual battery" bikes from other manufacturers.  We have a stock of spare parts on hand as well, so no worries about being left unsupported.

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Join us at RevolutionSS June 22-24 Salt Spring Island BC

Visit us this June 22-24th atRevolutionSS EV ExpoJoin us on beautiful Salt Spring Island to celebrate and explore electric mobility. If you are in Southwestern BC this is a great opportunity to see the latest EVs and learn about energy conservation and creation for your home.See and ride the Juiced RipCurrent S, CrossCurrent S, [...]

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Upgrade kit for 2016-17 Juiced CrossCurrent and CrossCurrent AIR

Upgrading to the latest spec controller and display will give you more speed and hill climbing ability.  Here is a link to the kit in our store: "350 watt" motor on the 2016-17 CrossCurrent and CrossCurrent AIR is very similar to the "650 watt" motor on the CCS.  The actual power output of the motor is [...]

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Satiator charger troubleshooting

TroubleshootingUnfortunately, there have been two issues that affected our late 2016 / early 2017 production of Satiator devices. If you have a unit that displays either of the symptoms below, then please contact Grin immediately and we will arrange for a warranty repair or replacementThe first of these is caused by a high percentage of [...]

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Introducing the Juiced Bikes Scrambler! Plus Mid may update.

A new model from Juiced!  Details are limited at this time, here is what we have been able to find out:Juiced Bikes is excited to announce the launch of our newest bike - Scrambler - on Indiegogo!Scrambler combines throwback looks with the best of modern technology to put you way ahead of the pack - [...]

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March Update EV Show & CCS Shipment

Exciting news for all of the customers who have pre-ordered CrossCurrent S, the container of bikes and parts has been loaded, and is on it's way to us!  ETA in Vancouver is the second week of April.  Most likely we will be shipping the week of the 23rd.Loading bikesWe also managed to score a large [...]

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February Update. RipCurrent S

For those wondering about the RipCurrent S, here are some new details!We will likely be getting a shipment of RCS spring 2019, unless we can get at least 60 $20.00 pre-pre-orders.   This is necessary because of the large minimum order, and the long lead time on these bikes. The RCS is using a new extrusion made by [...]

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January 2018! Best Affordable Electric bike, Why Hub Motors are Awesome.

Electric Bike Review Best Affordable Electric Bikes!Looking forward to a great 2018!  The CrossCurrent pre orders have been shipped, and we are taking new pre orders for spring delivery.  There are a few 2017 bikes left, now on sale at great prices.  There are also a few 2018 CrossCurrent S left from the December order, [...]

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Upgrading the U500

Owners of the U500 love their bikes.  The battery range is huge, and the bikes just work, every day, rain or shine.  I spotted this one outside the grocery store just the other day.Wouldn't it be nice to also have a dashboard speed and distance display, a little more power and speed, and maybe a [...]

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November 2017 update

It's Tuesday November 21 2017.  Our order of new CrossCurrent S and Ocean Current 500W has loaded into it's container, and is on the way to the port to be loaded for the voyage to Vancouver.Along with the Juiced Bikes there are samples of the Ezee Primero GTS and LTS.  Ezee is a brand that I have a [...]

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