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Warranty Information

Comes with standard Juiced 1-2 year warranty against manufacturing defects.
2 Years on frame and components / 1 Year on battery/electrical. Battery is warrantied to have at least 70% of original capacity after 1 year. Tires, tubes and brake pads/rotors are excluded. In the event that there is a warranty claim and we determined that the frame, a part, or the battery is faulty or failed due to defective workmanship
by us, we will fully replace such at no charge, however, replacement labor and shipping cost is not covered by this warranty. Normal wear and damage is not covered by this warranty.

If you are consistently using the bike in the rain we suggest filling the electrical connectors with dielectric grease as an extra precaution. (This can be purchased at any automotive supply retailer) Be sure to properly re seat the larger push-on connectors, they will click into place with a firm push. (If you are unsure about this, have your dealer do it for you.)

Product Videos

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This powerful and strong E-cargo bike just keeps getting better. Come with me for a short ride.

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Product Description

Comes with fenders, single kick stand and AA battery powered rear light

(Front basket and/or  Rear basket NOT included, available separately)

Product Overview

The new 2017 ODK version 3 is designed from the ground up to be the ultimate car-replacement electric bicycle. Every part has been carefully designed with performance, reliability, practicality and serviceability in mind. 

EV-Class performance

We poured over every detail, listening carefully to the feedback from our customers. We examined how the product was being used and improved any weaknesses. Our 3rd generation ODK platform has really matured and now stands alone in the utility/cargo e-bike category. 

The core of the platform: The Battery

New for this season are three interchangeable 48V battery pack capacity options: 

$ 2,999 MSRP

A "Standard Range" 15Ah version provides a real world 64 to 80 km riding and is the most affordable entry to the world of utility/cargo e-bikes.

$ 3,599 MSRP

The 23Ah "Long Range" version pushes the assisted riding distance out to 96 to 120 km and farther than any other competitor on the market. 


$ 4,599 MSRP

The revolutionary "Super Long Range" 32Ah version pushes the limits of e-bike battery technology providing over 160 km of assisted riding range with 1,536 Watt-Hours. The pack has 4x more capacity than an average e-bike battery and even more than a Toyota Prius! 

Our high-capacity battery and aluminum low-step cargo frame is the core of the ODK utility platform. We worked hard to retain 100% conformity to bicycle standards and the mechanical parts can be serviced at any bicycle shop. The electrical components are modular and very easy to service.

Rather than installing poorly performing off-the-shelf electric drive kits, we have invested 5 years developing our own system that can go far beyond the limitations of standard e-bike technology. Our custom battery pack and specially tuned electronics are integrated perfectly to create the ultimate car replacement e-bike.

By sourcing the components directly and doing the integration in-house, we have full control of the platform and can work with our suppliers to achieve the highest value end product.



Absolute stopping power


A a fast and heavily loaded e-bike needs good brakes. We have chosen the best hydraulic disc brakes available for e-bikes. The stopping performance is absolutely incredible even at max loads or in wet weather. The brake pads can self-adjust as needed, reducing time needed for frequent servicing.

To incorporate the rear disc brake, the frame needed to be redesigned and a new 3-speed hub was required. The rear dropout now has a horizontal opening with 135mm spacing. Now most all internally geared hubs with disc brakes can be used. This includes 5 to 8 speed hubs and NuVinci N360 hubs.    

With this new setup, we decided to equip, as standard, the best disc brakes available for e-bikes with cost not being the major consideration. 

We chose to use the  Tektro HD-710E (Now upgraded to the HD-E715) which is the latest generation of hydraulic disc brakes designed for electric bicycles. Both front and rear axles use this setup. They are 100% compatible with bicycle standards so they can be serviced at any bicycle shop.

The stopping power is incredible. The rider will feel confident that the bike can stop rapidly under any weather condition. The hydraulic braking system requires much less pressure on the lever to slow the bike down. Modulating the braking level is easier as there is no "squishy" feeling that is normally experienced with cable-pulled disc brakes.

One major advantage of the hydraulic braking system is that both pads move toward the rotor and self-adjust as the friction material wears down. On more basic cable-pulled disc brakes, only one pad moves toward the rotor and the stationary pad must be manually adjusted. This can make cable-pulled disc brakes difficult to adjust, noisy, and eventually give reduced performance.

Here are some features of the Tektro HD-710E which makes it very suitable for high performance e-bikes. 


Brake Cut Switch

One feature that all electric bikes must include is a brake cut-off switch. This switch cuts the power to the motor when brakes are used. Most higher-end disc brakes do not have this feature, but it is included with the new brakes. 


Brake Pad Material and Size

Above is a closeup of the new brake pad compared to standard brake pad. The surface area is much greater resulting in better stopping power and longer service life between brake pad changes. The pad incorporates a high performance metal ceramic compound which glides more consistently over the brake rotor. There is less of the "scratchy" feeling felt with lower-end disc brakes. 


Ease of Servicing

There are now two disc brakes (front and rear) so the stopping duty is better distributed between the two systems. Pad changes are less frequent. The pads self-adjust and require less fiddling to hush a squeaky rotor.


Improved Lever Design

Almost all of the high-end brake levers have very short blades designed for mountain bike use. This setup is not appropriate for road going e-bike. The  Tektro HD-710E has a 4-finger blade with distance adjustment to suit the rider's comfort. The large blade has a ball-shaped end. The overall design is also very suitable for winter riding where gloves will be used. 


Thicker Brake Rotor

The brake rotor is thicker than a standard rotor and has more metal material. This will help with heat dissipation and reduce the chance of getting warped if bumped. Both front and rear use the same 180mm rotor and pads which cuts down on parts variation. 


Fluid Level Window

One impressive feature borrowed from the motorcycle industry is a fluid-level window. There is no need to guess the brake fluid level. The rider can know immediately if the reduced brake performance is the result of low brake fluid. 


Slim Profile

One issue with hydraulic disc brakes is their girth. The Tektro HD-710E has a slim profile which allows it to be used with the large 500-Watt BPM motor without touching the side of the hub. The entry angle of the cable hose can be pivoted to fit a bike's unique frame design.  


Full control: We engineer the electronics


The controller is upgraded from 9 to 12 transistors providing powerful and reliable performance. The throttle is re-mapped to give smoother acceleration and delay-free response. New half-twist throttle provides a more linear feel and higher quality tactile experience. The highly popular cruise control function is standard as always. 

Our goal is to make the electronics as simple as possible, cutting down on time needed to service the bike. 

Reducing the system's complexity reduces the number of failure points. We target 10 minutes replacement time for any electronic component including the battery and motor. Here are some highlights of the ODK Version 3's new electronics system. 

New Wiring System

It takes considerable effort to coordinate with all the parts suppliers to ensure that everything works properly. The 1-into-4 wiring harness has upgraded quick connect plugs. The new connectors now have a more attractive outer stainless steel lock-ring to prevent accidental disconnection and provide improved waterproofing. The cable design makes it impossible to incorrectly install a connector plug. 

The motor's wire can disconnect near the controller and also near the motor. This makes both tire changes and controller swaps much easier.


Controller Programming

The controller sends power to the motor when you twist the throttle. The sensorless controller has been reprogrammed for smoother acceleration. It takes into account the speed of the bike when delivering the power to the motor. There is reduced chance to slip the front wheel on a slippery surface even when giving full throttle. The delay in the throttle experienced on the V2 bikes after a brake cut event has been reduced.   

The controller now uses 12 Transistors instead of the 9 used in the previous version. The reliability of the controller system is improved. 


Upgraded Throttle

The new half twist throttle from Zannx has a more progressive throttle response. There is less on/off-ness than the previous Wuxing throttle. Also the throttle needs to be twisted less before the motor starts turning. Additionally, the larger grip feels nicer in your hand. Low speed control is smoother and easier to manage. 






New motor winding


The robust, sensorless 500-Watt BPM motor has a new winding pattern. Higher average speeds can be achieved while it is now easier to pedal with the motor to extend the battery range. An improved fork with 6 mm dropouts contain the motor’s torque. A new rim and spoke pattern improve the wheel’s durability.  



Super Strong Frame


Unlike other "bicycle" frames, the ODK platform is designed from the ground up to handle the demands of a high-performance cargo e-bike. Even with a wide and low step-thru section, the frame feels very solid due to the custom extruded downtube.





Accessory Canvas



The rack supports have been significantly beefed-up for a more stable loading of child seats and rear rack add-ons. New for the V3 bikes are frame-welded accessory mounts for attaching a front basket or rack directly to the frame. The pannier rail design have been improved to allow for better compatibility with standard bicycle bags. We even added water bottle cage mounts to the down tube.


We have been working flat out on the new ODK 3's. It is a very ambitious bike and nearly every part has been upgraded in some way. The typical ODK rider puts a lot of miles on the bike. Many of the readily available parts from the bicycle industry are simply not good enough and need to be beefed up or custom manufactured. We intend to achieve EV-Class Performance with our products. It has a much more demanding job than what is required with leisure-class e-bikes. We will try to keep the production status updated as the ODK 3 bikes become reality.

The aluminum frame is the core component to which everything is attached. It is one of the hardest parts to make. Here are some highlights of the new frame design.


Rear Disc Brake Compatibility 

The Version 3 platform demanded increased stopping power while retaining internally geared hub compatibility.  It is now equipped with Tektro HD-710E hydraulic front and rear disc brakes which gives the bike incredible braking performance. This is the best disc brake avaliable for e-bikes.

The rear disc brake setup required us to upgrade to a SRAM i-3 Hub as the Shimano's 3-speed does not have proper disc brake support. The rear dropout is custom designed to support the rear disc brake. V-brake compatibility is still retained.  

Manufacturing this dropout required some extra time and tooling cost. However its worth the effort to avoid a chain tensioner. The new design also puts the chain out of the way of the center kickstand. Additionally, it is one less part to source, stock and support.  

  Front Accessory Mount

One of the most requested features of version 2 was a front basket. The easy way is to attach a basket to the front fork. This is not a good solution as it negatively effects the steering. The proper way to attach a basket is to weld on some frame-mounted supports. The basket will stay in place while the front wheel is steered from side to side. 

The new "Front Accessory Mounts" are spaced 10cm apart and 6cm wide. It uses four 8mm screws to attach anything you can think of to the front of the bike. We will be manufacturing some accessories including a basket which will integrate perfectly with the bike.  

 Water Bottle Cage Mount

New on version 3 is support for a water bottle cage. We worked to place the cage out of the way, but it is still easy to insert and remove tall bottles. Also there are some interesting accessories that use this same mounting system like the Bike Spike GPS tracker. 


Improved Bridge Plates

The ODK has two kickstand bridge plates. Both side and center kickstands can be attached at the same time. The location of the kickstand bridge plates have been better optimized to work with the Ursus Jumbo double leg center stand. It is raised higher and flatter so when the kickstand is retracted, it is less likely to impact the ground during hard cornering. 

  Improved Rack Design

The rack is slightly shorter than the version 2 bikes but it has been made more functional. The 10 cm x 10 cm rack supports are beefed up significantly. We now have a super solid mounting surface for rack accessories. The rack now slopes more gracefully towards the seat tube. 

The seat tube is now lower which allows for a lower minimum seat height of 29.5" or 75cm. Also the seat tube is now using a more common 31.6 mm internal diameter which provides compatibility with mountain bike and suspension seat post such as the Thudbuster. The pannier rails have been offset and narrowed to allow for easier insertion and removal of the pannier bag's hooks.  



Improved Riding Geometry 

The overall riding position has been adjusted slightly to make the bike easier to ride. The bike feels more "bicycle-like" and familiar to new riders. The end-to-end length is slightly shorter which will give the bike a more compact look and feel. 


Pushing the "Copy" Button

The final pre-production frame sample has been signed off and the first production run has started. Bits and pieces will eventually get welded together and later heat-treated. The frames will be cleaned and painted before the various components are installed at final assembly. 

Designed for the Professional


The ODK platform is the perfect platform for delivery, rental and other industrial applications where maximal uptime and minimal running cost are critical.



Contact us for fleet and volume purchases. 







  • Industry-leading 48 V / 15.6 Ah, 23.4 Ah or 32 Ah Samsung lithium battery pack
  • 500 Watts / 20 mph geared front hub motor
  • Front and rear hydraulic disc brakes
  • 3-Speed SRAM internal hub shifter
  • Twist throttle with cruise control function 
  • Integrated utility rack 330lb total loading capacity
  • High gearing: front 52T and rear 16T for pedaling at higher speed
  • Frame-welded front accessory mount
  • Comfortable upright riding position
  • Low step-through design for easy boarding 
  • 2x thick Inner-tube and K-924 E-Bike Spec Tires
  • Durable heavy gauge spokes
  • All thread-locked Allen screws
  • Light-weight and rust-free aluminum frame
  • Sturdy 20-inch BMX-style wheels
  • Lock-on hand grips
  • Aluminum platform pedals  
  • Multiple pannier and accessory mounting options
  • Mud guards included
  • Dual Kickstand bridge plates
  • Rear LED lights 
  • Custom "Moto-styled" handle bars
  • 3 Amp HP charger with fan cooling
  • 1-Year Warranty 

Shipment Details

 - Free shipping to most adresses in Canada

- Bicycle arrives 98% assembled, wheels and handlebar installed - See Setup Guide 


Technical Specifications



The U500 is about the same length size as a normal bicycle.





Technical Specifications (More info here)