Test and details on the new Juiced Super Extended and Hyper Extended range battery packs.


The new 17.4 and 21 ah batteries for the Cross series bikes have arrived! I pulled a 21 ah out for a capacity test. And at 7 amps continuous it gave... 21.07 ah This is a good result, and could very well improve over the next few cycles as the battery breaks in.


The Specs:

New hyper extended range (HXR) 21 Ah battery pack. Integrated into the downtube. 48-Volt design with custom BMS.

  • 48V Hyper Extended Range 21 Ah Battery Pack for OceanCurrent, CrossCurrent, AIR and HyperFat

  • Fits CrossCurrent and CrossCurrent AIR sizes M / L / XL (not compatible with size M-ST)

  • Fits all OceanCurrent and OceanCurrent StepThru models

  • Range from 80-160 km
  • Features 78 Panasonic 18650GA 10 amp cells, 40 amp BMS, dual fuses, waterproof illuminated switch, 4 pin XLR charge port
  • Compatible with Cycle Satiator Universal Programmable Battery Charger (Grin Technologies) for up to 8A fast-charge

  • In-house design, Not Compatible with other e-bike brands

  • Yes, these are the same packs used on the HyperFat (Available 2018)

  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

  • Amber putting her new CrossCurrent with 17.4 ah battery to good use!

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The new high capacity batteries for the Juiced Cross series bikes are coming!

Here are a couple teaser pics...Assembled packs waiting to be packaged into cases. Custom extruded and CNC machined cases.  Tora has used the much better XLR connector on these packs, instead of the 5.5 mm barrel plug found on the stock cases from Reention.  This pack can discharge at up to 45 amps, and be charged [...]

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Great reviews coming in for Juiced bikes

A couple Testimonials...CrossCurrent:Just tried out the bike, 22 km in 38 minutes in my neighbourhood, peaked at 51 kph and averaged 35,4 kph. Absolutely amazing!! Winds at 31/gusts at 41 kph and I still went very fast! Heart rate at 138 BPM so I got plenty of exercise - exhilarating exercise actually, loved the speed [...]

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New display coming for the Juiced Cross series bikes

New optional advanced displays are coming for the Juiced Cross series bikes. Programmable LCD dot matrix that will show Volts, Amps, Amp hours (yay!), Watts, Watt hours, trip etc.  It will be retrofit-able to any 2016 or 2017 CrossCurrent, CrossCurrent AIR or OceanCurrent.  Stay tuned for more upgrade news...

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New Electric Bike Report video on the 2017 CrossCurrent, featuring an interview with Tora Harris

Click here to check out the latest news from Tora!!  CC AIR video featuring the new MEGA range packs and display upgrade.

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Vancouver Bike Show 2017

On the weekend of March 4-5 we displayed Juiced Bikes at the annual show at the Vancouver Convention Center.There were TONS of electric bikes there, almost certainly outnumbering the regular bikes.  Thinking about this, is it because there are lots of new players in the e-bike category?  I think so, because we didn't see too [...]

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Introducing the Juiced HyperFat

New from Juiced! Please email us at if you are interested in purchasing one.  Canadian pricing and availability TBACheck out the the video here: details here.The BackstoryWe watched the rise of the electric fat-tire e-bike and wondered what's the big deal?After riding one, our suspicion was confirmed. Lots of fun initially with the big tires, [...]

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A nice article on the latest happenings at Juiced from

Here's a nice little write up on the latest at Juiced, including the OceanCurrent and new batteries... things like available colors have changed.  Stay tuned for more updates including the 17.4 ah Cross Series battery.  Also HEADS UP, there is a sale coming February on all in stock bikes and batteries!          [...]

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Mid January 2017 /Juiced Bikes update

Lots of action at the Juiced factory lately.  They are hard at work building bikes and developing cool new e-bike stuff.The new OceanCurrent has some great colors.  We will be getting an extremely limited number of these in the spring shipment.  Stay tuned for pre-ordering opportunities.Tora is hard at work on the design details of [...]

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What's inside an Expedition e-bike battery?

I recently had the opportunity to tear into some Expedition Battery packs.  I needed a 72 volt battery, and with none in stock, but a good selection of identical 36V units on the shelf it was time for some creative re purposing.The 72 Volt battery is a story for another day.  The following photos gives [...]

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